Jacquard fabric,textile leather cotton fabric

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    • Pattern:Plain Dyed
    • Style:Other
    • Supply Type:In-Stock Items
    • Technique:Other
    • Type:Other

    Key Features

    * Digital printing effect, but screen/ rotary printing made.
    * Mass production available
    * Traditional printing price
    * No numbers of color limitation
    * Overlap, mini scale, and multi-color effect available

    MagiPrint® System

    MagiPrint® System is an integrated printing system based on traditional screen printing process with five parts:
    1. Printing plant evaluation
    2. Standardized workflow development
    3. Color separation and screening
    4. Printing process management
    5. Printed fabrics analyzation

    1. No color limitation: The traditional screen printing was restricted by equipment as well as color separation and screening technique, no matter how colorful the original design was, it would be compressed into only few colors in the printing process, which will cut down the performance greatly.
    2. Digital-printing –like quality or even better.
    3. Mass production available.
    4. Competitive price: compared with digital printing, it is high competitive.
    5. Good performance on light weight, high yarn count fabric.
    6. Widely used on garment, home textile, and museum's art work collection.


    Digital printing

    MagiPrint® System


    High cost

    Low cost


    Strike-off, quantity limited

    Mass production available


    Sample use

    Applied to garment and home textile use

    7. Combine different designs for one printing screen, just like a puzzle
    8. Image format: We are able to print on high dpi resolution image, 200 dpi or above.
    9. Suitable for flat screen and rotary screen.

    1. ODM/OEM service.
    2. No color separation needed on customers: Customer provide original image to us, no need to do color separation beforehand. We do color separation by our own. Usually 8 to 10 color windows for each design no matter how many colors on original ones.